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UnlockTool Activation Online: Get a License for 3-6-12 Months

UnlockTool software license

A Powerful Solution for Mobile phones...

Access the Ultimate Mobile Repair Solution for Android and iPhone

are you a Mobile Technician looking for solutions to Mobile software-related problems? Yes! Then

UnlockTool is the best option for you…

With the help of the Unlock Tool —

Your Mobile software-related problems can be easily fixed with just a few clicks.

What is UnlockTool?

unlock tool activation online

Mobile software tool with multiple Features

UnlockTool is a powerful and easy-to-use, login-based mobile software tool used to repair mobile software.

It works perfectly without any dongle or box via the server.

What can you do with UnlockTool?

The mobile software tool that helps you with —

and much more…

CPU Support

All major smartphone processors, including MediaTek, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, and Kirin, are supported by UnlockTool.

Brand Support

It also supports all popular mobile brands including…


How to Activate Unlock Tool?


Activate Your UnlockTool: A Quick and Easy Guide for First-Time Users

Before placing an order, you must register your account on the official website.

  • Sign up With a  Username, Email ID, And Password.
  • Log in again after signing up to verify your account.
  • Use the same Registered Username, and Email ID In the Order Details For UnlockTool Activation -Renewal.

After successful payment, your UnlockTool Activation will be completed within 1 to 3 hours.

(Usually within 1 hour during Working Hours)

Unlock Tool Price in India: The Affordable Solution for Mobile Software Repair

UnlockTool Price in India for

Activation/Renewal license

Unlock Tool comes with 3 plans with the same features, which you can choose according to your needs.

1- Unlock Tool 3 Months — ₹1599

2- Unlock Tool 6 Months — ₹2299

3- Unlock Tool 12 Months — ₹3799

(No Extra Charges)

Note: This website is only for Indian users.
Are you from any other country?
Get Activation from…

How to Pay For UnlockTool Activation?

You can pay through any of your favorite UPI apps like Paytm, PhonePe, G Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

Pay by scanning the QR code if you are ordering from a Laptop or PC.

That’s it…

Choose the right plan for you...


UnlockTool 3 Months Activation

₹ 2000 1599
  • Package: M3
  • License time : 3 months

UnlockTool 6 Months Activation

₹2500 2299
  • Package: M6
  • License time : 6 months

UnlockTool 12 Months Activation

₹4000 3799
  • Package: M12
  • License time : 12 months

Here are some of our successful Activation orders...

How to check UnlockTool Activation status?

Please wait for the confirmation message after placing your order.

You will receive your Unlock Tool Activation status Via Email Or WhatsApp.

After the confirmation message, you can log in to the Tool With your Username and Password.

How to check Unlock Tool Activation License Expiry Date?

 Login Unlock Tool Website With your Username and Password

In the Licenses section, you can see all the details.